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I’m hungry

The title of this post is often, though not always, the answer to the question posed in the title of the last post.  Little Pookie likes to eat.  Because of this, he is not so little anymore. He still breastfeeds … Continue reading

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What’s wrong little Pookie?

A few weeks ago, I stopped into the library when I had a few minutes to kill before an interview.   I headed to the children’s section to pick out a couple of books for Gabriel and discovered What’s Wrong Little … Continue reading

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Happy birthday baby

We spent the Fourth of July holiday sweating it out in Iowa with my family.  Our time there included Sir’s first time in the swimming pool and an early birthday celebration. Due to the extreme heat, we opted to avoid … Continue reading

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Ice, ice baby

Duh, duh-duh duh dunna duh duh.  Now that I’ve got that stuck in your head . . . The plan for Gabriel’s milk feeds during our three-day separation last week involved frozen breast milk (fortunately, I had plenty stockpiled) and … Continue reading

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Sungolds for my golden boy

A little less than a year ago, Gabriel arrived with a good bit of fairly dark brown hair.  I assumed he would have Matthew’s nice, deep brown hair color, but over the past year, G’s hair lightened quite a bit.  … Continue reading

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