I’ve got the summer veggie blahs

I think we’ve gotten to the “too much of a good thing” point with summer vegetables.  The tomatoes, squash, and eggplant won’t quit coming.

I’ve made and canned tomato sauce and salsa and made “sun-dried” toms with the food dehydrator.


We’ve had various versions of ratatouille, tomato sandwiches, tomato salads, stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce with eggplant, grilled eggplant, baba gannoush . . . .

Monday I made an amazing lasagna (recipe coming once I dig out from underneath all the produce), but I’m running out of steam.

I hate to complain, and I REALLY hate to waste food,  but, gah, I just want out of the kitchen!  Any suggestions or inspiration?


  1. Have you tried Bhaingan Bharta? Indian Roast Eggplant. One of my all time favorite foods (in part because it gives me an excuse to make naan).

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