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A snotty bicycle health freak

As a general rule, I keep work-related things out of this blog, but I happen to be in an area of work that is very related to some of what I blog about here, namely, the bicycling, active transportation, and … Continue reading

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In which a crazy pregnant lady goes dumpster diving

It all started out innocently enough.  With the warmer temps, I spent some time cleaning our sun porch on Friday in preparation for being able to use it again soon. In the process of breaking down a cardboard box for … Continue reading

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Wearing wool

I’d been considering trying a few pieces of merino wool clothing for over four years, after trying on a few Icebreaker items in late 2010.  At the time, I was several weeks pregnant with G, and I didn’t think I’d … Continue reading

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Happy things: Blue tutus and chocolate peanut butter bites

A quick glance at the title may throw you, but this post is not completely random.  Nope!  In fact, it’s about bikes and food, with a few green notes for extra credit — completely on topic. While I rode in … Continue reading

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On the Bike

Ready.  Set.  Ride! Bicycle Beginnings I’ve heard the story many times: the bike starts out as a wonderful tool for fun and freedom as a child and preteen, but somewhere along the way, it gets replaced by a car.  Fortunately, … Continue reading