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Making soy milk — Part 1

Looking back, we’ve been talking about making our own soy milk for over two years now, when a friend first offered to let us try her soy milk maker.  For one reason or another, it took me quite awhile to … Continue reading

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Lemon chill

‘Twas an odd fall.  Despite not being overly warm (thank goodness), we didn’t have a frost until late in the game (average local first frost is October 15).  Garden-wise, this meant that many plants that would succumb to frost, like … Continue reading

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Done with diapers!

With any luck, for you and for me, this is the last blog post I will ever write about my child’s potty habits!  There are some things I’ll miss about the first three years of G’s life, but changing and … Continue reading

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Our weekend was filled with family, friends, and cake, as we celebrated Sir’s 3rd birthday. We kept things pretty simple and low-key, which also equated to planet-friendly.  The only “disposable” item that I purchased was the pack of party hats, … Continue reading

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Humanizing effects of transit

I couldn’t help reflecting on the differences between using transit and driving a motor vehicle. You’re connected by, if nothing else, your shared humanity with the other bus passengers. This just doesn’t happen when we isolate ourselves in individual metal and glass cages. Continue reading

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Third cup’s a charm?

I’d been using the Diva cup for a little over a year when I found out I was pregnant with Gabriel, and the menstrual cup was relegated to the bathroom closet for over two years (9 months of pregnancy + … Continue reading

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Shopping at Aldi

I’ve been meaning to write this post since the mid-January thaw, when I ventured to my local Aldi grocery store for the first time ever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no stranger to Aldi.  Growing up, my family did a … Continue reading

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