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Camry vs. Corolla

Compared to my MIL’s use, the Camry is now in semi-retirement, both in terms of mileage/frequency of use and driving style, as I am determined to maintain my laid-back, granny-driver ways, in spite of the big engine! Continue reading

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Floors fume dilemma

Who gets one coat into having three coats of polyurethane on their floors and has serious second thoughts?  We do! Here’s the thing — we did a LOT of research, and we never intended to use a polyurethane finish in … Continue reading

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Let’s start with a little word association game. What words (or images) pop into your head when I say “chilblains?” Continue reading

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Get Out the Vote on August 5

This one goes out to all my fellow Missourians.  We have a primary election coming up next Tuesday, August 5.  It’s easy to let these things slip by, but there are two amendments that caught my attention in this election, … Continue reading

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Drive until you qualify

First, SEVEN bathrooms? SEVEN?!?! God forbid anyone have to share a toilet. Aside from that, the phrase flashing in my head was “drive until you qualify.” Continue reading

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