Rolling toward the finish

Biking to lunch at 37 weeks

I hit the 37 week mark on Friday and breathed a huge sigh of relief.  From here on out, I am within the window for a home birth 🙂  Despite general increasing discomfort for me, the more time baby spends growing inside, the better, but it’s nice to know that if baby decided to come today, we could go ahead as planned with the birth at home.  (If I had gone into labor prior to 37 weeks, that would have been automatic cause to head to the hospital.)

I spent a good portion of Friday and Saturday doing some serious nesting, though, as with the kitchen, my cleaning efforts on the apartment as a whole seem to degrade quickly.  Oh well.  In general, things are pretty well set for baby’s arrival.

On Sunday, I helped Matthew as he showcased our garden in the Sustainable Backyard Tour.  He did an amazing job, giving inspiring tours to the more than 50 people who visited our garden over the course of the afternoon.  More on the garden to come later.

Right back where I started from

Saltine crackers, nice noodles, and lots of bonding time with the couch.  35 weeks is looking a lot like 7 weeks, though I suspect it’s not entirely pregnancy related.  Rather than nausea, I’ve been experiencing lots of GI cramping, so I’m guessing I picked up some kind of stomach bug at some point last weekend (I have a couple of suspicions as to the source — let’s just say that buffets and salad bars are notorious sources of food poisoning).

My normal healthy, high fiber diet keeps my GI tract in pretty good shape.  I like to think that things move through so quickly that the microbes that might normally create stomach problems never have a chance to get established 🙂

But whatever I have now is established and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  Matthew’s pushing for a doctor’s visit, and I finally agreed to call on Monday if I’m not feeling better by then.  If I break my promise, I have to give him my first-born child 😉