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Stuffed peppers

One for my foodie readers (I know it’s been a lot of bike stuff lately, but that’s life!).  Anyhow, I was beginning to despair of ever having peppers, and then, voila!  Grocery bags full of gorgeous sweet peppers! We also … Continue reading

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Broiled: No-bake stuffed zucchini

I started this post almost a year ago, and it’s been languishing in my “Drafts” folder.  I recreated this dish a week ago for one of Gabriel’s birthday dinners, and my father-in-law requested the recipe. I should note here that … Continue reading

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Linguini with rhubarb and carmelized onions

I visited my family in Iowa over Memorial Day weekend, and, upon arrival, I discovered a treasure trove of magazines.  I’m a closet magazine junkie — I love reading books, but there’s just something about sitting and flipping through a … Continue reading

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Kitchen craziness

It’s been a busy week of cooking, baking, and fermenting.  Three-and-a-half hours of oven time on Tuesday yielded nice results. Clockwise from top: roasted fennel, roasted potatoes (dug on Saturday), and a double batch of granola. I also baked six … Continue reading

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Umami tsunami: Three ingredients to try today

Over the past several months, I’ve enjoyed playing with some umami-boosting ingredients in various dishes.  Umami is sometimes described as a savory or meaty taste or, more simply, something that makes food taste good. Despite its association with meat, it … Continue reading

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