Green Recipes

Welcome to my recipe page.  All recipes are vegetarian, and many can easily be made vegan, if they are not already.  Bon appétit!

TIP: I don’t have a searchable recipe page yet, but to search by
ingredient or dish, hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard,
then type the ingredient or dish in the “Find” box.








5 Responses to Green Recipes

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  2. OMG – I’m totally drooling over the prospect of grilled beets. Maybe I’ll plant some this year.

    BTW – I did try grilling on my cast iron grill pan. It worked like a charm and was totally delicious. It also filled the entire house with so much smoke that I had to open all the windows in sub freezing weather! I’m guessing that a hood vent/fan is pretty much essential if you’re gonna do indoor grilling?

  3. wait a minute… they’re roasted beets, not grilled, and I see I’ve already drooled over them once before! Even further incentive to plant some this year!

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