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One-third-life crisis

What happens when you’re too young for a mid-life crisis but too old for a quarter-life crisis? Though Wikipedia defines quarter-life crisis as a period “ranging from the late teens to the early thirties,” that seems a bit of a … Continue reading

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Life goes on

Does anyone else remember watching the TV show Life Goes On in the early ’90s?  I watched very little television growing up, but this was a weekly tradition for my family for a couple of years.  Not really related to … Continue reading

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Unemployment: One year and counting

A couple weeks ago, I hit the one-year mark of being unemployed.  Celebration was minimal nonexistent. It’s been an interesting twelve months.  Last July, when my previous job ended, I was in the process of interviewing for two full-time positions, … Continue reading

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Baby steps

A week ago today, Gabriel took his first wobbly step.  Since then, he’s continued to gain strength and confidence, working up to six steps at a time. After more or less shelving the whole pottying thing for a few months … Continue reading

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Got a new job now in the unemployment line

So . . . here we are.  When I wrote this post a month ago, I thought there was a reasonably good chance that I would move from my current job (which ended due to budget cuts) directly into something … Continue reading

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The end of the car commute

I’ve planned some version of this post in my head for quite awhile, though I was beginning to think it would never happen. Over two-and-a-half (!) years ago, I accepted a position promoting active transportation (with a focus on biking).  … Continue reading

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