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Humanizing effects of transit

I couldn’t help reflecting on the differences between using transit and driving a motor vehicle. You’re connected by, if nothing else, your shared humanity with the other bus passengers. This just doesn’t happen when we isolate ourselves in individual metal and glass cages. Continue reading

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Bus and bike errands

We started our week with a visit to Safety Stop, a neat service offered by St. Louis Children’s Hospital, providing nearly at-cost pricing on a variety of safety equipment for infants and children, including bike helmets and car seats. Over … Continue reading

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Bicycle beginnings — Part 2, in The Lou

College degree in hand, with my parents’ minivan and my compact car both bursting at the seams, my left-out-in-the-elements-for-four-years bicycle did not make the cut come moving day.  I removed my lock and left it at the bicycle rack outside … Continue reading

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Bicycle beginnings — Part 1

We start every session of “Truth and Techniques,” the classroom portion of CyclingSavvy, with brief introductions that include participants’ history with bikes.*  As part of my effort to get back to more bike-related posts here, I thought I would share … Continue reading

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Gearing up and getting out

A post about biking with the trailer is in the works, but the truth is, even before last week’s snow and the resulting icy roads, Gabriel and I have been sticking closer to home, with more outings by foot.  That, … Continue reading

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