Green Dreams

Some things I look forward to, sooner or later:

  1. Living somewhere with insulation (see #2).  Lots of insulation!
  2. Residing in something other than a brick oven.  (I’m not sure what the comparable term would be in winter time.  “Brick freezer” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.)
  3. Owning one money sucking, CO2 producing pit car instead of two.  Zero would be ideal, but “one out of two ain’t half bad.”
  4. Ceasing to produce waste in the form of prophylactic packaging (i.e., that which one might use if one is highly suspicious of the options that involve hormones).
  5. Walking out my back door to our garden, instead of being 10+ miles away from the delicious bounty and the weeds-that-need-constant-vigilance.
  6. Relieving myself in one of these.  Yes, this might seem a little weird, a little gross, but let’s face it, so is putting our poo in waterways.  This is what happens sometimes in my city, and maybe in yours, when the “sanitary” sewer system is overwhelmed and the processing plants (that use lots of ENERGY to clean up our shit) can’t handle the volume so the excess RAW SEWAGE is just dumped into waterways.  Meaning places that people might boat, swim, or fish.  Meaning places from whence we get our drinking water.  When you think about it that way, maybe a composting toilet is NOT SO BAD after all.
  7. Reducing utility usage by producing some or all of the power for my home, through a geothermal system or solar panels, for instance.

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