In which panic obscures clear thinking and my eyesight

As soon as the waitress (or owner?) placed the dish in front of me, I was fairly certain that I would be taking some food home with me.  And I thought, “Well, it’s a Chinese restaurant, so they’ll have those nice little cardboard boxes.  Still disposable, so not as good as, say, bringing my own reusable container, but a lot better than styrofoam.”

Fast forward to the end of the meal.  It’s a small restaurant and we’re standing at the counter to pay.  I ask for a box and then see the huge pile of styrofoam, and the woman reaches for one.  I start to panic.  What to do?  Do I take the styrofoam or do I say no thanks and waste the food?   I really want to take the food home with me — it was good and I hate wasting food — but I also hate styrofoam.  Dilemma.  Which is the lesser of two evils?

At which point my non-panicking companion says, “Could we please have one of the little cardboard boxes?”

To Go Box

Maybe if I had taken a deep breath, I would have seen the cardboard boxes, too.  Crisis averted.

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