We’re having a baby!

Baby Peace Lily Flower

A baby Peace Lily flower, to be exact.  I am very excited about this development because I was beginning to think that maybe peace lilies did not flower in real life, only in artificial greenhouse conditions where they get lots of chemical fertilizers.  But no, this is a for real peace lily in our apartment.

My husband (then boyfriend) gave me this plant, separated from a larger peace lily he had, for Christmas in 2006 (in a very pretty Fair Trade ceramic pot).  It had about six leaves at that point.  While I managed to keep it alive for the past 2 1/2 years, I would not exactly say it has thrived, as evidenced by the fact that it now has 8 leaves (it has grown more than 2 new leaves, but some of the older ones have passed on).  I have celebrated each new leaf as a big accomplishment, but this, the flower?  This is huge.  I may name my first born child “Peace Lily Flower.”  Has a nice ring to it, huh?

Aside from the excitement, I’m trying to evaluate what the flower means.  It either means the plant is quite happy or is extremely distressed.  Since the weather has warmed up, it resides on our sun porch, our VERY HOT, non-air-conditioned sun porch.  So while I hope it is quite happy, if it were me, in those conditions?  Extremely distressed.

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  1. Gram Joan says:

    Whoa, you sure had me going there with your latest blog! I did read all of your blogs yesterday and even sent rather lengthy responses…but I don’t know where in cyberspace they went.

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