Smooth operator

A couple of years ago, after realizing just how much water ran down the drain (~ 26 gallons, based on national average shower head flow of 2.6 gallons per minute and 10 minutes to shave), I stopped shaving my legs in the shower.  26 gallons is a lot of perfectly good water to waste.  My new method uses a lot less water and is also a lot easier, because I don’t have to get in odd positions to keep the leg I’m shaving out of the water stream less all of the shaving cream wash off before I finish.  Instead, I fill the sink or a small container (should hold ~ 4 cups of water) with warm water and use that to wet my leg as well as rinse out the razor while I’m shaving.  I empty the container and get fresh water when I switch legs.  Once I’m finished shaving, I just splash a little fresh water on each leg (or use a wash cloth).

Make this simple switch to save 20+ gallons of water every time you shave your legs.  You’ll also save on your utility bill because all of the water you’re saving had to be heated first.

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