You built this . . . for me?

We spent the morning of Labor Day completing our own little personal biathlon — bike, run, bike. In the middle of the last biking event, we refueled at the Greek festival. Eating spanikopita and baklava is normally part of athletic events, right? I guess if you count the eating, it was a triathlon.

Anyway. On the way home, we noticed that the construction workers also had the day off, leaving the completely closed for construction interstate along part of our bike route wide open. A beautiful expanse of smooth new pavement with no cars to be found. And, oh, would you look at that? A gap in the fence — perfect for walking a bike through.

We tried to resist, really we did. But in the end, it was just too tempting. In a few short months, the interstate will reopen, serving only the all important motor vehicle, encouraging and enabling our car culture. But on this day, it was all ours, and it was beautiful. We only rode a short stretch, since we were at the end of our biathlon and ready to get home, but it was enough to make me want more. Just think of the possibilities, if there were interstate systems for bicycles, a way for us to safely and easily travel longer distances. A world where our transportation infrastructure not only supported but truly prioritized biking and other forms of alternate transportation. More green dreams . . . .

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