How not to drive

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

Today we will talk about proper behavior at intersections in congested traffic, class.

Rule 1: If you cannot clear the intersection due to backed up traffic in front of you, DO NOT ENTER the intersection.

Rule 2: STOP before entering the intersection.

Rule 3: If you fail to follow Rules 1 and 2, you might get stuck in the middle of the intersection when the traffic light changes (see black oval in Exhibit A, representing a car).

When this happens, you are a sitting duck — other drivers trying to use the intersection will become irritated with you for blocking it.  However, that does not make it okay to reverse into the OCCUPIED CROSSWALK, where I am crossing with my bicycle.  Just because you are in an awkward, dangerous, and ILLEGAL position, you do not have the right to run over me.  It is not my fault you are not aware of and/or cannot be bothered to follow some simple laws of driving.

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