Green home and Puppies!

On Saturday, we had the chance to volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity build.  We were working on a home that is being built to LEED Platinum standards, with crazy insulation and an earth source heat pump.  Due to the early morning start and the forecast for rain later in the day, we drove instead of biking.  I was feeling rather guilty about this until the sky opened up about halfway through the day.  Our house did not have a roof on it yet, so being inside was no better than being outside.  For one of the only times in recent memory, I was glad to have that car.

After the build, we stopped by the EarthWays Center Green Home Festival.  I spotted two puppies on the street, a little beagle puppy and a slightly larger unknown puppy.  The beagle puppy was adorable, and the larger puppy obviously agreed, as he could not stop licking the beagle puppy’s face.  The cuteness was just too much, and I exclaimed, “I want to lick his face, too!”  I managed to restrain myself somewhat and settled for heavy petting.  Unfortunately, I did not have the camera on me, so I give you this alternate shot of a beagle puppy and a darling little red-head.

Sis and beagle pup

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  1. Gram Joan says:

    My initial thought at this blog (before seeing the picture) was that you have changed quite a bit in your feeling about the 4 legged species, and you were becoming a bit vain about cute little red head girls; but I think I agree with you completely.
    BOTH WERE ABSOLUTELY ADOREABLE; one still is pretty cute!

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