All around the town

The wheels on our bikes completed lots of rounds over the weekend.  After much debate (Will we get there in time?  Is it too windy?), we opted to bike to the veggie potluck on Friday night.  As soon as we set out, I knew we had made a great decision — gorgeous early November night, good route with relatively little traffic . . . . Our contribution was nestled snugly in the milk crate on my hubby’s bike.

We dined on delicious food with “A Very Veggie Thanksgiving” theme.  I tasted my first ever Tofurky (a couple of years ago,  I made my own version out of tofu) and a Quorn roast.  We usually avoid fake meats (AKA [at least in my head] “feat”) in favor of less-processed sources of protein, like beans and nuts, but they are fun on occasion.

Sunday, I visited Cafe Ventana for the first time.  The cafe gives every biker a free beignet, served hot out of the fryer.  They reminded me of funnel cake, which I haven’t had in forever.  I only had a few bites before I hit my quota of fried for the day, but it was tasty!

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