Full moon bike ride

Instead of biking straight home the past two Tuesday nights, we took some fun detours.  Last week we went to Sweet Art for some cupcake deliciousness.

The moon has been rising very early lately (before 4pm).  I biked to last night’s destination (a pizza place) under a gorgeous full moon in the dusky dark blue sky.  Although there are plenty of times that I wish I had it, last night being one, I generally don’t carry the camera because it is just one more thing to lug around.  I enjoyed the moon very much in the moment.

On the way home, we biked through Tower Grove Park.  It’s a bit risky in the dark because it’s hard to see all of the speed bumps.  However, the dark has advantages: two raccoons scurried across our path, and a bit later, something large swooped right in front of us!  We think it was an owl.

The lovely, although chilly, evening, complete with full moon and owl, provided a great backdrop for the ride.  As I pedaled up our alley, it seemed an appropriate ride to cap my 4 years and 5 months of bike commuting.  Le sigh . . . .

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