Green lunch

Tiny Choices recently posted about lunch kits.  Sadly, I did not win the kit they were giving away, but really, you don’t need anything special to have a waste-free lunch.

Since I have access to a refrigerator at work, I don’t worry about an insulated lunch bag on most days.  I just toss everything into a reusable canvas bag, and I’m good to go.

I use a glass Pyrex container whenever I have food that I’ll be heating, which is most of the time, thanks to the beauty of leftovers.  By using the glass container, I avoid the whole issue of figuring out which, if any, plastics won’t leach chemicals into my food when heated.  While I’m on the subject — those frozen vegetables that you microwave in the plastic bag?  Who thought that was a good idea?  Oh, the lengths to which we go, and the health risks we take, for convenience food.  Anyway, suffice it to say that I refuse to microwave anything in plastic.  My Pyrex container has a plastic lid that I remove before heating.

I do use plastic containers for snacks, or parts of my lunch that don’t require heating.

I keep silverware and a cloth napkin at my desk, always at the ready, along with my water mug.  I prefer not to drink out of a water bottle (reusable, of course) all day, but I don’t trust myself with an open cup of water near a computer, so I compromise with a lidded travel mug.  If you’re on the go a lot and frequently find yourself resorting to plastic utensils, you may want to look at To Go Ware, which I wrote about here.

The cloth napkin is the newest addition to my lunch arsenal.  We use cloth napkins at home all the time, but, until recently, I never thought about having one at work.  No, I was not using paper napkins at work — I guess I just wasn’t using anything . . . or maybe I was using my pants.

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