Carbon Fast – Day 4

Make one of your journeys more environmentally-friendly today.  Could you combine two trips?  Carpool rather than driving solo?  Bike or walk, or take the bus, instead of driving?

This line of questioning occurs almost every time we venture out of the house.  Ideally, the answer is bike or walk.  If we drive, we think about how to maximize the trip, by making multiple stops in the area we visit.

Hopping in the car to run to the store for just one thing?  Think about whether you really need that item immediately.  Can it wait?  Can you make do with something you already have or find something similar at a store that is bikeable or walkable?

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  1. Heather says:

    Hi Melissa – As a family with 3 kids we are often driving two cars all over the place. But we do try to carpool and combine our errands. Today Abby caught a ride with two other families to her gym meet and we’re all going to the movies with another family tonight in one car. Thanks for setting such a good example!

  2. Trish Curtis says:

    Hi, Melissa,
    Just wanted you to know that I forwarded your message on CT to my 3 children for their consideration.

    Let me add an even more eco-friendly answer to the trip to the store for one item dilemma: Get to know your neighbors so well that you are really comfortable borrowing what you need from them. Strengthening the fabric of the community (building the village) is a step along the way to lowering our overall levels of consumption.

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