Carbon fast – Day 16

Consider composting your food waste.  Put the nutrients from food waste back into the soil, not into a landfill.  Learn more about composter options for indoors and outdoors.

This tip comes as I am one week into my vermicompost experiment.  So far, so good.  My little helpers sustained one casualty so far — a little guy that crawled (or fell) out one of the drainage holes in the bottom and dried to a crisp before I found him (tear).  As I’ve mentioned before, if you want to learn about composting with red worms (i.e., vermicomposting), check out the book Worms Eat my Garbage.

While you can just throw everything in a pile outside, there are some simple tricks that can make the composting action in the pile more efficient — specialized container definitely optional!  Here are some composting-related links that may be of use:

10 Tips for Making Better Compost

Compost Made Easy

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  1. Kim says:

    While not the exact formula as described in “worms eat my garbage” we vermi-compost. And I was pleased to be able to add 13 earthworms to my bin (that had meandered into my organization’s parking lot). At our local bait/tackle shop, these guys would have cost $2.50 so I saved $ also! (I needed more worms because my husband says I am “over-feeding” our worms!)

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