Flighty Friday

As I write this, our brick oven apartment approaches 85° F. Not quite hot enough for my yoga session to technically be “hot yoga,” but we’re getting there.  It doesn’t feel too bad under the ceiling fan, but between the heat and the music from downstairs that I’m trying to block out, serious writing eludes me.

"Feels more like summer" rolls

Try your hand at homemade spring rolls for a cool summer meal.  Don’t forget the peanut dipping sauce!


The hat alone just wasn’t cutting it.  Enter the sunbrella . . . just watch out for the creepers.


  1. Nylce says:

    Hey there. How well I remember those torrid St. Louis days, when even the fan brought little relief. Hot air is just plain hot, whether or not it’s moving. They were good preparation for our two AC-less years in Sevilla, though. I admire your resolve, but I have to admit that our thermostat is set to 78 in the summer. I find it easier to conserve energy in the winter, when I can just keep adding comfy layers. But there are only so many layers I can peel away in the heat!

  2. hergreenlife says:

    We generally set ours at about 80, but I nudge it upwards at times (it is on now, set at about 82). 78 in the summer definitely counts as conserving — if only everyone would do that, especially big office buildings, stores, etc.

    I agree with finding it easier to conserve in the winter, but any way you slice it, our apartment with its plaster on triple brick walls (read: uninsulated) and basically zero attic insulation is just not very “conservative,” no matter the season.

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