Fast food, green and healthy style

Sometimes you just need an easy-ish meal.  The delicious fresh produce available at this times of year helps in this quest.  The other night, we assembled our delicious beet salad (recipe here) and some dressed-up grilled cheese sammies.

Roasting the beets takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it — chop the beets* and get them roasting first, then work on the rest of the meal while they roast.

The co-chef made the grilled cheese sandwiches, with local cheese and our homemade whole wheat bread, dressed-up with sauteed spinach* and fresh green onions*, while I worked on the salad.  He added a fried egg to his sandwich for a twist.  Good fast food requires a bit more time and effort than traditional fast food, but the result is delicious and nutritious!

* From our garden, as were the greens for the salad.


  1. OMG… your food pictures are just incredible. I think you should open a restaurant… or at least a business that sells pictures of food!

  2. hergreenlife says:

    I’ve thought about a restaurant, but never in a serious kind of way. I really enjoy cooking for my own consumption (or for small groups), but a restaurant would be a completely different scale, unless maybe it was the tiniest restaurant ever! I’ve been enjoying the photography much more since we upgraded our camera (not the greenest move ever, but the technology has really changed from six years ago, and our old camera from that era was kind of on its last legs).

  3. Thanks for participating in our Meatless Monday linky over at the Green Phone Booth. Your dish looks delish! I have some beets that I was trying to decide what to do with – think I’ll try this.

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