Fleet maintenance

I’ve always been a practical shoe kind of girl, but it took Matthew’s urging to get me into Birkenstocks.  Before I tried Birks, I never realized that, no matter how “comfortable” the shoe, pretty much all shoes are not shaped like feet.  The toe area should really be the widest part of the shoe, not the narrowest!

My feet carry me lots of miles, both walking and pedaling, and I want that to continue for a long time.  And I don’t want bunions!  Foot shaped shoes equal healthy, happy feet 🙂

I own two pairs of sandals and one pair of clogs.  Add in Matthew’s, and we have quite the collection.

On the green side, these shoes can be re-soled, so you can keep a pair around for awhile.  I pulled our fleet out a couple of weeks ago to carry out some preventive maintenance on the cork foot beds.  Buying durable goods and making them last is a good green investment.

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  1. I am a HUGE Birkenstock fan! I have one pair of sandals, one pair of clogs (which I LOVE), another pair of all wool slippers -they even have wool lined soles and are SOOO wonderful in the winter, and one pair of actual shoes (which I actually don’t wear too often since I got the clogs).

    Seriously, I don’t know how people stand to wear normal “shoes”, they’re torture devices in my opinion!

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