In season

If you buy really fresh (i.e., picked that day, or maybe the day before) local sweet corn, try eating it raw for a refreshing treat.  Fresh corn (sans fungus) graced our dinner plates last night, and I was well into my ear when I thought to take a picture.

We’re also enjoying local blueberries and peaches.  In honor of the peaches, we baked some sweet biscuits*.  For a delicious and relatively healthy treat, crumble a biscuit, spoon on fresh peaches, and top with a bit of whipped cream.   I often add some of the juice from the peaches and a bit of milk (soy milk works fine) to get it just right.

*Our sweet biscuit recipe comes from 1000 Vegetarian Recipes by Carol Gelles.  If you’re looking for a good cookbook, vegetarian or no, check this out.  It is our go-to cookbook for delicious main dishes, baked goods, soups, and much more!  If your library has it, you can take it for a test run, or look for a used copy.

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