Whatcha gon’ do with all that junk?

In addition to the requested items (yogurt maker and food dehydrator), my mother arrived in St. Louis two-and-a-half weeks ago with an 18-gallon storage bin.  When I visited my parents in April, I diligently sorted through some stuff in my old bedroom, narrowing it down to this one bin that I was allowed to keep there.  Little did I know that my mom would rescind that offer only a few short months later.

So now I’m stuck with this bin, a bin that contains some items that I want to keep, including a couple of nice photo albums that I made in high school — lots of smiles and cringes looking back through those — and the items pictured above that are on the chopping block.

The high school yearbooks?  They seemed so essential in high school.  Now I’m ambivalent.  Due to some mix of shyness  and wanting my beautiful new yearbook to look beautiful and new, I never collected many signatures/messages in the books, so they’re not overly personal.

I’ve looked back through them a couple of times in the last nine years, but I certainly don’t need them.  Maybe they’ll be fun to share with future generations?  Or maybe they’re just more stuff to occupy space on a shelf or in a bin and add weight on future moves.  I’m guessing that the photo paper they printed the books on is NOT recyclable.

And those athletic honor roll plaques?  Those have got to go.  Sure, they represent some hard work on my part, but even in high school, I didn’t display them on my wall or anything, and I’m not about to start now.

Maybe a trophy shop could remove the engraved metal plate and reuse the wood part?  And the metal plate could be recycled?

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