Winterizing the bed

We survived October without turning the heat on in our apartment, which really wasn’t a big deal.  We might not have made it if we hadn’t been in Texas for the last week of October — in green terms, we would have done better to stay here and use a bit of heat rather than fly to Texas, but there were other considerations, like a good friend’s wedding and a visit with my grandparents.

Anyhow, we returned from our travels to a just above sixty degree apartment on Saturday night, and I knew it was time to pull out the flannel sheets and our (faux) down comforter.  However, after 12+ hours of traveling, I lacked the energy to change the sheets, so we just made do with the comforter.  Boy, did that keep us warm!

I rather expected Matthew to insist on some heat these past two days (at least to warm up the bathroom in the morning), but to my surprise, that hasn’t happened yet.  I’m happy putting it off as long as possible — in addition to energy saving considerations, forced air heating zaps any moisture in the air and makes things disgustingly dry.

I also have yet to put on the flannel sheets, but you can bet that they’re coming — they really do make such a big difference.  The tricky part is getting out of that nice, warm bed.  To make that at least a bit more appealing, I highly recommend a warm robe and good slippers 🙂

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