Pregnancy thoughts for the week

This week, at least one person, possibly more, found this site through the search engine term “preggo booty.”  I’m not exactly sure who searches for that phrase, but I have some ideas, and I imagine he left this site disappointed.  So sorry!

I have my second prenatal visit next week, and given the condition of our streets after Tuesday’s ice storm, I don’t think I’ll be biking there 😦  However, I don’t plan to resort to the car — walking and public transit should do the trick, it will just require a bit more planning.

I read about Six Items or Less a few months ago — though their focus is not sustainability or the environment, the experiment shows that we probably need far less clothing than we own — and buying/owning less is green!  Now, I am not officially participating in the experiment, but between my [slowly] expanding belly and my winter itchies, my wardrobe is greatly diminished.

I have two pair of “work” pants that still fit, which I pair with my two or three sweaters that are not tight (tight =  itchy) or my two employer-branded polo shirts, so I’m unintentionally pretty close to “Six Items or Less” with my work wardrobe.  It really simplifies things in the mornings, and I plan to go through my clothes and really pare things down, though I will probably wait until after the baby, to see where my shape and weight settle, before getting rid of too much.

Depending on who you consult, my developing baby is the size of a turnip, an onion, or a hockey puck.  The food comparisons are odd, because every individual fruit or vegetable varies so much in size . . . or maybe that’s the point.

The three of us went sledding last night (4th time this season).  Given the current conditions, we renamed Art Hill.  Ice Hill was much more fitting.  The upside was an awesome sled run that took us over a foot bridge at the bottom of the hill — and drew a good bit of admiration from other sledders.  The downside?  Walking back up the icy slope!

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