The BRAT diet blahs

Eating an easy-on the-digestive-system diet presents a challenge when you have a pantry full of whole grains and a fridge overflowing with garden produce.

Matthew has been cooking some lovely meals for us, and the most I can do is try a few small bites before returning to my bowl of rice noodles.  On Saturday, he brought home a large cooler stuffed with beautiful kale and Swiss chard.  We’re struggling to eat all the leftovers and fresh produce with only one of us really partaking.  Instead of eating for two, I’m eating for about 1/2 a person.

On Sunday, we picked over a gallon of red raspberries, but guess who shouldn’t be eating any?  😦

Given my ongoing GI pains (8 days and counting, woohoo!), I’m trying my best to be good and stick to simple foods, but it’s not easy right now.  The other food is tantalizing, but anything more than a bite or two sends my stomach into knots a few hours later.

This too shall pass . . . right?
As some consolation, the garden production shows little sign of slowing (in fact, I’ll post more about our crazy garden later this week).  There will be more raspberries, more kale and Swiss chard, and more lovely dinners prepared with garden bounty.

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