Eating for two

I’m taking this eating for two thing very seriously.  After all, I do have a big baby to feed (10 lbs, 2 oz at birth and 10 lbs, 5 oz at 1 week).  Fortunately, we have an abundance of delicious food in our refrigerator (and freezer).

Red beans and rice, with sides of roasted fennel and sliced garden tomatoes

We have tons of amazing stuff coming in from the garden — tomatoes, potatoes, Swiss chard, kale, summer squash, onions, cucumbers, green beans — and we’ve found time to do a bit of cooking here and there.  We’ve also had family and friends deliver some delicious food, which has been very helpful 🙂

Gazpahco, Asian cole slaw, and grilled cheese with tomato and homemade dill pickles

Hungry baby, hungry mama!

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  1. EcoCatLady says:

    10 pounds 2 ounces?!?! HOLY MOLY! That baby is nearly as big as you are! Eat up, my friend…

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