Plum out

I’ve been trying to lighten the load for our move (less than a week away!) by eating through some of the dry goods in our pantry.  While the shelves are by no means bare, they are a bit emptier, and the post-move shopping list on the fridge grows longer every day (I’m afraid this grocery trip may give new meaning to “Whole Paycheck”).

We ran out of raisins a couple of weeks ago, and we have extremely limited quantities of a couple of other dried fruits, so I’ve gotten creative with my morning oatmeal.*

The plum trees at my MIL’s have yielded a bumper crop this year, and, while cutting the flesh away from the pit is a bit of a pain, they contribute to a delicious bowl of oatmeal.

This variety of plum is very tiny, perhaps a bit larger than a big cherry.  Small and delicious!

Sir also finds the plums an acceptable (if messy) addition to meals.

*Raisins are not the only fruit I eat in my oatmeal, but they’ve become a go-to when apples aren’t in-season.  While not local, shipping dried fruit from California is better environmentally than shipping fresh fruit, because of the water weight.

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  1. EcoCatLady says:

    That is a fantastic photo! I too, have been trying to eat through my pantry, simply because it’s gotten a bit out of control. It’s kinda fun to try to work with what you have, but it’s requiring a bit of discipline to curtail my grocery shopping impulses!

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