Simply food

I started this blog as a place to write, and I rarely used pictures in my early posts.  In general, I try to avoid photo-heavy posts, but these days, my opportunities to actually get to the computer and write are limited.  Most of the following photos have stories that could (and perhaps still will) be posts unto themselves, but for now, the pictures will do most of the talking.

Ground cherries (AKA husk cherries):  related to a tomatillo (same papery husk), but smaller and sweeter.

We had a decent harvest this summer, and Gabriel was especially fond of them.  They’re good but nothing particularly amazing in my book, so I was shocked to see them selling for $9/pint — definitely wouldn’t pay that.

A rainbow of potatoes, boiled whole, and smashed . . .

. . . then topped with a thick, rich eggplant sauce.

Buckets o’ basil — I froze seven bags (each with four packed cups of basil) for pesto and other cooking throughout the winter.

Deep dish cast iron pizza goodness . . .

. . . served with a three-bean salad.  And that’s a wrap!

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