Eats and rides

Just over a week ago, I bundled Sir into the trailer for a very cold trip to the park,  one that had me questioning my judgement and worrying about frostbite on tiny fingers.  He seemed fine with the outing, but I think he might not realize how cold he was until it was too late.  After a bit of walking and one trip down the frosty slide, I bundled him back into the trailer and hightailed it home.

Two days later, we were out again, with temperatures in the fifties — you know, normal January weather.  Sir rode in the IBert, and we biked to the coop-style farmers’ market where we buy eggs.   Of course, the warm weather came with strong southerly breezes, which asserted themselves on the way home.  Let’s just say I got a good work out.

The weekend brought a few more rides, along with much cooking.  These baked “everything” nachos were actually last Thursday’s dinner, along with some homemade guacamole: tortilla chips layered with refried beans, sauteed onion, cabbage, and sweet potato, salsa, and cheese.


On Saturday, we hosted a small gathering for my father-in-law, and Matthew made a delicious apple crisp.  Once our guests left, I cranked it into high gear to have dinner ready by 5:30 (about the latest we can eat if we’re all going to eat together, given Sir’s bed time).  Fortunately (and miraculously), this Moroccan Lentil Soup (inspired by Stacey’s recent post) came together quickly, and Matthew worked on the bagna cauda, which we spread on bread to round out the meal.

Sunday brought another colder solo bike ride before the really cold weather hit to start the week.  Since then, I’ve been hibernating, eating leftovers, and wrangling a crazy teething monster.  Yep, Sir is cutting his two-year molars (at eighteen months, of course).  As soon as I saw the teeth under the gums, I reminded him of our deal that after he finishes teething, there is no more fussing allowed, EVER.

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