Thursday thoughts

Reading more bike blogs
As part of my goal to share more here about the biking side of things, I’ve decided to seek inspiration by reading more bikey blogs.  No doubt part of the reason my focus here has shifted to include lots of food-centric posts comes from the fact that I read many food-centric blogs.

I don’t have a list of favorites yet, but there are a few that I’ve read from time to time.  My reading time is limited, so I’d like to pick a handful to read regularly.  Simply Bike makes the list of a [semi]regular read, and S’s blogroll contains enough suggestions to keep me busy for quite some time.

In the fridge
As of this morning, we had no less than four types of milk in our fridge: organic soy, almond, a new local cow’s milk, and breast milk pumped during Sir’s recent sleepover at Baba’s (the last has since been consumed).

I don’t really drink milk anymore, but occasionally I crave something other than water to wash down fresh chocolate chip cookies or peanut butter brownies.  In those instance, unsweetened almond milk hits the spot.

This weekend . . .
I’ll be attending our regular veggie potluck on Friday night and looking at a couple of house on Saturday.  One house in particular could be very interesting, but there’s a big IF in the picture related to garden space.  Due to time constraints, distance, and various other logistics, I’ll probably be making both those trips by car — compromises.

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