Meanwhile, at the beach . . .

While I had a great time visiting my friends in DC, I couldn’t help but miss my boys.  Fortunately, they were having fun of their own down in Florida.


Exploring the aviation museum in dinosaur pajamas.  No big deal.


Welcome aboard!


Sir loved the beach from the word “Go!”


It took him a bit longer to warm to the water . . . .


. . . but once he did there was no stopping him!




Beach boy!

I’m sure he was sad to see the trip end, but there’s no place like home . . .


. . . and a mother-child reunion!

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6 Responses to Meanwhile, at the beach . . .

  1. shannonnon says:

    so cute! everyone should visit the aviation museum in their pajamas, seriously. how adorable. 🙂

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  3. Great Post …. .. i like the baby..ummmaaa

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