Bike messenger ring bearer

Gabriel visited Lafayette Park for the first time on Sunday morning.  We brought his bike along, and he cruised around as we showed him the pond, which was one of our favorite areas when we were first dating.

We were lucky enough to see this mama with her eight(!) little ones in tow.


Sir rocked cycle chic with his blue dress shirt and sharp white shoes, and that, combined with a group setting up for an outdoor wedding in the park, sparked a great idea — a bike messenger ring bearer!


Obviously, it’s too late for our wedding, but if you have need of his services, let me know.

We enjoyed the park time (despite a few sprinkles) before continuing on our way to sample some pastries at a Czech church (verdict: good, but we make better) before checking out a couple of homes on the Sustainable Back Yard Tour (and by a couple, I do literally mean two yards, which is all we had time to squeeze in before returning for lunch and nap time).  Sir was excited that both yards featured urban chickens.

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