Kitchen craziness

It’s been a busy week of cooking, baking, and fermenting.  Three-and-a-half hours of oven time on Tuesday yielded nice results.


Clockwise from top: roasted fennel, roasted potatoes (dug on Saturday), and a double batch of granola.


I also baked six loaves of bread (Matthew made the dough before work), including one chocolate cherry loaf — so good!


Two crocks of shredded cabbage, on their way to becoming sauerkraut.

After all that kitchen time, I didn’t really feel like making dinner, but I tossed together a zucchini salad to go with the roasted potatoes.


This was an occasion where my internet recipe search [for “zucchini salad”] was spot on.  I used this recipe from the Post Punk Kitchen, complete with her suggested additions of chickpeas and avocado, which I wanted to work into the dish anyway — it was like the author read my mind!

In addition to the kitchen endeavors, I’ve been cleaning and decluttering the apartment, in preparation for hosting our vegetarian potluck group for the first time ever!

Our previous apartment was just too small, so we’ve enjoyed the hospitality of others for the three years we’ve been part of the group, in addition to “hosting” a dinner at the Botanical Garden for two years.  I’m really looking forward to having the gathering here.

Now back to the kitchen to figure out what I’m making for the potluck . . . .

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