We sold a bike! And took a hike!

Such a great weekend, what’s not to like?

I obviously missed my calling as an author of inanely rhyming children’s books, no?

After receiving just a few nibbles on the “for sale” post on CL (only one of which was legit) in the first two weeks, we were beginning to wonder if the Pacer was going to sell (and a little part of Matthew was kind-of hoping it wouldn’t).

But it only takes one, and that one arrived on Friday night, took a test ride, hemmed and hawed for a bit, and finally decided to buy it then and there, forgoing his original plan to look at more bikes on Saturday.

When we returned from a bike ride on Sunday morning, Matthew commented that we needed the longtail, “because our [bike parking area] looks so empty now.”  The sale of the Pacer fell far short of completely financing a longtail purchase, but it does make it seem a bit less crazy.

Sunday afternoon, we drove to Castlewood Park for Gabriel’s first walking-on-his-own hike.  In all previous hikes, we shlepped him on our backs.  Time to pull your own weight, kid!


Hiking without thirty-three pounds of live, active weight on the back was nice, though our pace was quite slow, especially on the loose rock ascents and descents, which made up most of yesterday’s hike.


I convinced Matthew that trying to cover the three mile loop trail in an hour was completely unrealistic, but we made it to the top for some river views before heading back down.  Sir’s pace on the descent (while holding Dada’s hand) frightened Mama more than a little, but we all made it down in one piece.

To cover a bit more ground on future hikes, we plan to use some combination of Sir walking and riding on one of our backs.

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