Super bikey weekend (the best kind)

I kicked the weekend off with a bike shop date on Friday night, followed by a full day of CyclingSavvy on Saturday.  We wrapped things up with a Mother’s Day picnic by bike.

Bike shop date night
Matthew experienced significant knee pain during and after his first real ride on the Roadrunner.  Turns out, we hadn’t really taken time to get fit when we picked her up from the bike shop, and the maximum height on the seat post we started with was a good two inches lower than Matthew needed it.


So on Friday night, we loaded Roadrunner on our trunk rack (drove it there rather than biking, for various logistical reasons).  Getting it on there was definitely a two-person job, but it wasn’t too bad.  As you can see, the bike is quite a bit longer than our car is wide, which made for some nervous driving, but we made it to The Hub and back with no problems.  We spent quite awhile there, but it was a good use of time and a decent way to spend our weekly date night.

There was that awkward moment during the fitting when I realized that I was surrounded by men (the bike shop mechanics, who, I guess, are all road riders) with hairless legs.  If nothing else, my decisions about body hair removal clearly mark me a non-roadie!

Anyhow, we now have an extra long seat post, with each of our positions etched into it, for easy swapping back and forth.  We are probably going to do something different with the handlebars, probably more of a flat bar, perhaps with an adjustable stem so we can quickly and easily customize that aspect for either of us as well.

Saturday morning I was up and on my bike by twenty after seven, headed for a full day of teaching CyclingSavvy.  We had a small class (below our usual minimum of four students required to go ahead with the class), but it was completely worth it!

Photo credit: Karen Karabell
Photo credit: Karen Karabell

Two past CS grads joined us for the Road Tour portion as we trekked through U City, Clayton, and Brentwood.  You can read Rebecca’s wonderful recap of the experience on her blog, Fiets of STyLe, and there are more photos here.  This course is SO rewarding to teach!

By the time I reached home, I’d been out and about on the bike, in the sun and the heat for nine hours.  Not long after G’s bedtime, I was on the couch and it was pass-out-o’clock.

Mother’s Day
I wanted something simple and low-key for Mother’s Day, and a picnic lunch at a local park fit that bill perfectly.  We loaded up the Roadrunner and headed over early, to take advantage of cooler morning temps on what would be an almost 90-degree day.

Gabriel and I are clearly ready for careers as professional bike models, no?

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We wrapped things up by heading to Ted Drewes for some frozen custard, where the longtail got lots of attention.  Gabriel wanted to eat his mini cone in his bike seat.  After our frozen custard, we headed home to rest.

All-in-all, it was a very lovely weekend by bike!



  1. The Roadrunner looks AMAZING! I can’t get over how much longer it is than the car is wide, and as I posted on your FB page, I am very impressed that you got it up on the car in the first place. Do you and Matthew have to play rock-paper-scissors to determine who gets to ride the new bike?

    The class was amazing. My cycling perspective has shifted appreciably, and I’m looking forward to cooler temps this week to return to commuting to work (because the 90s, for real, are coming, and soon).

    1. Melissa @ HerGreenLife says:

      It’s pretty great. It was so easy to bring everything we wanted for our picnic, including G’s booster seat (not necessary, but helps him focus on eating instead of the many distractions a park provides!).

      Matthew really wanted to ride it with the new seat post, but he let me take it yesterday, since it was Mother’s Day. There may be some rock-paper-scissors or coin-flipping in our future.

      I’m also looking forward to those cooler temps — I tolerate the heat, kind-of, but it is NOT my favorite!

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