Road Trip

Confession: Despite the fact that there were a couple of valid mass transit options for the trek from here to Chicago (namely, Amtrak and Megabus), we drove.  I feel somewhat guilty about this (not the losing sleep kind of guilt, though), although I could offer a few somewhat legitimate reasons for opting for the “not green” way.  But the bottom line is that we chose the car.  The next time will be one of the above-mentioned methods — no excuses.

However, once we arrived in Chicago, we snagged a parking space and then happily abandoned our car for three days of walking with a bit of public transit thrown in the mix, so things did get greener.  And there were lots of bikers, which I always like to see,  although most of the bikers I saw were college kids who were not willing to ride ONE BLOCK extra to go the right way on the one way streets.  ONE BLOCK.  My companions explained that when the average trip length was four blocks, this was actually significant.  Yes, significantly lazy.

There were some other “not green” highlights of the trip that will be the subject of another post.