While I am relatively sure that anyone reading this blog who knows where I live would not break into our apartment, and anyone who happened across this blog and might want to break into our apartment does not know where I live, I erred on the side of caution and did not announce my vacation beforehand. Slightly paranoid? Perhaps, but someone brainwashed me: “Do not tell anyone that we’re going on vacation. You never know who might find out and break into the house while we’re gone.”

She brainwashed me so thoroughly that when my husband and I were at the theatre last week, talking to a nice couple sitting behind us whom we had just met, and they said, “Maybe we’ll see you here next week,” and my husband started to tell them that we would, in fact, not be there next week because we would be getting ready for vacation, I elbowed him to get him to stop talking before he mentioned the “vacation” part. It created an awkward pause in the conversation, and he looked completely bewildered. Sure, these people had NO IDEA where we lived and probably were not criminals, but YOU NEVER KNOW.

Anyway, we were on vacation, but now we’re back, which means 1) we did not get eaten by bears and 2) if you wanted to break into our apartment while we were on vacation, IT’S TOO LATE. More details on the trip, including the green and the not so green, to come later.

Excused absence

I’m making an effort to post something everyday, but some days?  It just doesn’t happen.  Yesterday, we went straight from work (our day jobs) to the garden.  We gardened until dark and I was way too exhausted to do anything but take a quick shower and go straight to bed, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Sometimes there will be days like that.