New gear

After purchasing a new bike plus accessories, followed shortly thereafter by more accessories (rear rack and panniers), a bit over a year ago, I decided I needed to go on a bike gear diet.  And if memory serves, I did well with that for over a year.

A week ago, I bought a handlebar mirror for my favorite ride, only to find that it did not work at all — with my handlebars and riding position, and the limited adjustability of the mirror, I could not see anything useful!  Today, I swapped it for a slightly different style, and I think I’m in business.

I still find myself looking over my shoulder, rather than looking in the mirror, but I imagine that will change as I get used to it.

In a previous post, I alluded to two bike shops, one with great customer service, and one that often leaves something to be desired when it comes to customer interaction.  To give credit where credit is due, The Hub bike shop earned my praise in that previous post (and continues to do so).