Lo-Cal blogging?

I don’t often view HerGreenLife from the perspective of a reader.  Usually, I’m here on the back end of things, but every now and then, I like to check in and see what you see.

When I scrolled through the home page this morning, something in my tag cloud (the menu on the right-hand side of the page) jumped out a me.


“Eat Lo-Cal?”  What?!?  Since when was low-calorie eating a prominent topic on my blog?  Sure, I’m all about eating healthy, but “lo-cal” has never really been my thing.  My cooking tends to be full of healthy ingredients (vegetables, whole grains, lean vegetarian protein), but I also don’t skimp on the fat (primarily olive oil and organic butter).

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that the tag in question was “eat local,” hyphenated, as in “locally grown food,” and NOT “eat lo-cal.”

March was also not a “lo-cal” blogging month.  In fact, I posted fifteen times this month, for an average of a post every two days, which is quite good.

HerGreenLife is on track to have the second best month ever (don’t think we’ll quite beat August 2012, but the month is not over yet!), in terms of page views, and knowing that, knowing that you are out there reading, encouraged me to keep writing.  Thank you!


Blogging in a vacuum

Life these days: bike rides with The Dude, warm fall days in the park, making full use of my new gym membership, settling into the one-nap-a-day schedule . . . .

All-in-all, not bad, but I’m a little blah on the blog.  For me, an important part of blogging is interacting with other bloggers: reading, commenting on, and being inspired by what others are writing.  Keeping up with a toddler doesn’t leave much time for me to check email and write my own posts, let alone stay up to date on the numerous blogs that I enjoy[ed].

I have no idea what’s going on over at Simply Bike, or what the Eco Cat Lady has been saying.  While I have plenty of post ideas, I feel disconnected, with little inspiration to take the time to write.   Although virtual interactions are no substitute for face-to-face relationships, they’re still important, and I feel their absence these days.

Green blogging at Green Drinks

If you’re in the St. Louis area, come on out to Green Drinks tomorrow night for a chance to network and learn.  The topic this month is “Green Blogging,” and I’ll be part of the informal panel of local green bloggers (see website for location and time).

In case you need any extra incentive, Little Dude will be making an appearance at the event, unless he’s feeling shy 😉