Lotion potion

About this time last year, I whipped up my first batch of body butter, hoping to combat dry, itchy winter skin as well as stretch marks* on my growing body.  Looking back, I realize I only wrote about my intention to make homemade body butter, not the results.

The rest of the story . . .
After failing to find local sources for cocoa butter and shea butter, I went online and purchased those two items, as well as jojoba oil and sweet almond oil.  For my first recipe, I basically followed the “body butter cream” recipe here.

The results were pretty good, and once I used my first batch, I made a second batch, with a few tweaks [that I failed to record].  The second batch lasted until The Dude came along, after which point I didn’t have time to apply body butter, much less make it.

With the relatively mild temps so far, my skin is faring well this winter (knock on wood!), but I still have my dry spots.  After lots of good intentions, and much perusing recipes, I finally got around to trying my hand at lotion.Continue reading “Lotion potion”