Weekend edition

Despite the wicked wind of the south, I biked my way through the weekend. Friday presented an exhausting combination of biking and gardening, followed by more biking and more gardening. I planted beets, carrots, and sugar snap peas. I used our new soil miller for the first time — this garden tool rocks! You buy a handle, and whatever interchangeable tool heads you want. If you’re in St. Louis, head over to Home Eco to check out their selection of these great tools. I added a plastic crate to my biking ensemble so I could easily haul the garden tools.

On Sunday, we fit in a little bit of very early season morel hunting — an Easter mushroom hunt, in place of the traditional Easter egg hunt. Sadly, although not all that surprisingly, we found zero morels. However, we did find this guy. Yep, we’re pretty sure that Matthew almost stepped on a copperhead. Fortunately, he saw it when he was about three or four feet away, but he’d been headed right in its direction, focused on scanning for mushrooms, not snakes. We kept our distance, and the copper slept right through the near miss. No doubt I will be slightly on edge during upcoming ‘shroom forays.