Biking the web

This just in — biking is good for your health!

Swapping Tail Pipes for Pedals: Small Changes Could Pay Huge Dividends for Public Health and Economy

Secret to a Long Healthy Life: Bike to the Store

Okay, technically that was last week’s news, but people in the know have been preaching it for much longer, so what’s a one-week delay?

While cruising around the Bike Portland site, I came across The Center for a New American Dream’s Plentitude Economy video:

Sounds good to me!

Master of pubic health

I compulsively check job postings in my field, and  I recently came across a posting with an interesting experience requirement:

“Formal training in health communication and/or pubic health”

Classic example of the danger of not closely proofreading your PUBLIC health job postings.  That one little “L” makes such a big difference.  I suppose I could contact them and let them know about the typo, but why ruin others’ fun?