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Making crackers

As you may have noticed, we make many items from scratch and buy very little processed food.  However, crackers are an exception to that general practice.  We don’t eat all that many crackers, probably in part because they ARE processed … Continue reading

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Taking the Challenge!

Several weeks ago, I wrote this post about plastic and how we can (and must) reduce the plastic waste we generate.  In that post, I provided a link to some useful information on Beth Terry’s blog Fake Plastic Fish. Today … Continue reading

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Diva with a party in my pants

For 10+ years, I never really questioned the standard of disposable menstrual products, other than some vague curiosity when reading historical fiction.  My lack of questioning was due, at least in part, to the fact that for most of those … Continue reading

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Green confusion

Trying to green your life but not always sure what the green choice is?  You’re not alone. “Delusions Abound on Energy Savings,” a recent post on the NYTimes Green blog, shares some results from a study about our energy saving … Continue reading

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My wait for a copy of Colin Beavan’s No Impact Man at the library finally ended last week.  I’m only 70 pages into the book, but I’m comfortable recommending this read.  In fact, go to your library website and request … Continue reading

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