Right back where I started from

Saltine crackers, nice noodles, and lots of bonding time with the couch.  35 weeks is looking a lot like 7 weeks, though I suspect it’s not entirely pregnancy related.  Rather than nausea, I’ve been experiencing lots of GI cramping, so I’m guessing I picked up some kind of stomach bug at some point last weekend (I have a couple of suspicions as to the source — let’s just say that buffets and salad bars are notorious sources of food poisoning).

My normal healthy, high fiber diet keeps my GI tract in pretty good shape.  I like to think that things move through so quickly that the microbes that might normally create stomach problems never have a chance to get established 🙂

But whatever I have now is established and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  Matthew’s pushing for a doctor’s visit, and I finally agreed to call on Monday if I’m not feeling better by then.  If I break my promise, I have to give him my first-born child 😉

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