Look Ma, no blood

For weeks, I’ve been saying that I’m going to expand our worm composting capacity.  Tuesday, I tentatively dug out the power tools and jumped in to the project!  Given my recent experiences with [non-power] tools, I approached the drill with caution.

Would this work on Hummer tires?

After considering various possibilities, such as buying one big bin and expanding to that, I decided to use an extra not-too-big bin we had sitting around and divide into two bins.

Drill, baby, drill

Horrible caption, no?  Just couldn’t resist.

I filled the new bin (AKA bin #2) with clean bedding (torn strips of black and white newspaper) and harvested worms and compost from bin #1.

Red wigglers!

See the cute baby worm?  I put most of the worms in bin #2.  Theoretically, the population can double in 2-3 months, but that did not seem to be the case here.  My guess is that the bin was not really big enough to allow the population to increase, although the large number of baby worms proves that they were reproducing.  I hope to increase their numbers now that I doubled the total bin volume.

Bin #2 on the left, bin #1 on the right

In the four months since I started bin #1, my worms produced 7.5 pounds of beautiful, rich vermicompost.  It will be lovely for the garden — just wish we had more of it!  With two bins going, we should be able to divert even more of our vegetable scraps from the regular compost pile into the worm bins.

Bin #1, doing its thing